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The Wall of Champions celebrates partners and sponsors who have made significant financial investments in Healthy Nation. We recognize individuals, families and organizations that contribute $100 or more in a calendar year.


David & Pamela Jernigan  Earl & Esther Worthington   Adam White & Lorrie King   Dan & Jan Palmer  
Kelvin & Amber Dillard  David Lee & Annie Stokes  Rev. Lois Page Eleanor Kamara 
Phil & Kay Word  Becca & Burton Posey   Joseph Elijah Jones, Jr.   Brenda Fleming 
Christiana E. Otis  Maryalice Moses   Tory D. Hunter  Deborah Y. Gholston
Dr. Mary Ball  Karla Coffee Dunning   Dr. Michelle Huggins   Demetrice A. Fullard 
Y. Peter Paye, MA, MDiv
Y. Peter Paye, MA, MDiv Executive Director
The hours that I spend volunteering for A Healthy Nation have been the best times of my life. I always look forward to being of assistance to those in need in Liberia.
Yvonne Butler
Yvonne Butler Volunteer
It has been an immense joy to be a part of the Healthy Nation movement in Liberia and seeing other volunteers and the delightful staff. I especially cherish the times when I get to see the positive health impact we are having in the Liberian Community.
Gaby Fernandez
Gaby Fernandez Volunteer
It is always wonderful to see what we accomplish during our projects. We really feel like we make a difference by offering low-cost health services to the children of Liberia
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